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Meet the therapist

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Jacqueline Glasgow began her mental health career as a social worker for DCS. Having a passion for children and families in need, she moved to Southwest Family Advocacy in 2013, which receives the highest-profile neglect and abuse cases in the west valley. Throughout her time as a social worker and advocate, she also welcomed 23 foster children into her home.


This experience inspired Jacquie to pursue her BS in Psychology, then her master’s in Clinical Mental Health counseling with an emphasis in Crisis and Trauma. This fulfilled her educational goal of obtaining enough practical education to understand the depth at which children and adults suffer from traumatic events. She also has certifications in Hypnotherapy, Auriculotherapy, and Spiritual Counseling.


Personally, Jacquie is a born artist. Painting, drawing, and other artistic endeavors fill her free time, as well as raising her two beautiful daughters.


Using all she has learned and cultivated, from both the holistic & clinical arenas, she provides her clients with a complete Mind, Body, and Spiritual healing experience.

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